Jallepalli Family

This website was initiated by Fourth generation of Jallepalli? family. The website is launched in order to create awareness for future generations regarding the family history and to develop communication with the present generation. It includes birthday dates, marriage day dates or any other events dates of total family members. The first generation of our Jallepalli family includes Mr.Jallepalli Venkataraju. His father name is Mr.Ramayya who belongs to the village Pudipalli. In the year 1945 Mr.Venkataraju got married to Smt.Papayamma and settled in the village Tadipudi. There he used to work as a Munsib for Tadipdi village. He is having 10 children. Mr.Bapiraju who is the father-in-law of Mr.Venkataraju used to work as an ex-munsib, in which Mr.Venkataraju took the job after him.

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